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Dec 25, 2018

5 steps to your dream

Do not be afraid to dream, make wishes and sincerely believe in their
Many of you were repeatedly interested in the question of how to make a wish so that it would be fulfilled and moreover, not just make a guess, but exactly how to make a wish correctly.
Well, there are some steps:
Ask now. Speak in the present tense but not in the future. Avoid the words "I would like ...", "if ..." - it is prohibited!
Visualize your desire, close your eyes and imagine that it is fulfilled, feel the emotions that you will experience. Do not be afraid of your emotions, sincerely rejoice, as if desire is already a reality, not a dream.
Do not use the particle ‘not’. Never use ‘not’ in your desire, it is a negative particle, the Universe does not hear it and will perceive your desire quite the opposite.
Make a plan. Write down the steps that will lead you to the fulfillment of your dream. Sometimes, everything seems so simple, if we decompose it into small tasks, then the goal becomes closer, and the way of realization is found by itself.
Add emotions. The easiest way to make your desire ‘alive’ and emotional is to add adjectives. More. What will it give? You will be filled with joy. And this is precisely the feeling that pushes your desire to materialize.

Did you know that is a little Santa Claus? Fill in our mosaic and be sure that your wish will be fulfilled after this. Share the cause with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and be a Santa Claus for your followers and friends. Ho-ho-ho!

Author: Daria Naumenko

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