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What's UNITE and what is it about? Let's imagine you have a lot of interests and you're member of many groups or social networks or communities. Typical social network offers you one-profile-to-rule-them-all which you need to fill with all the information. Problem is, different friends or communities will only use a few bits of this info here or there. They do not need it all. May be you do not want to show it all either. Our idea is to provide you with a single account that is capable of handling a lot of brief profiles. You can create several briefs that will represent different sides of your personality, social activity and interests. Access and privacy management are provided as well. So, what's UNITE? It's a new generation of social networks that will help you in dealing with massive amount of internet activities available today in a safe and comfortable way.

On our site you can:

  • find new friends

  • show your photos and videos

  • create your own blog and share your brilliant ideas!

  • join the communities by interest

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